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The workshop will be be organized from 18 to 19 January 2012. It will be hosted by the Astronomical Institute, at University of Bern, Switzerland.

This workshop is foreseen as a roundtable conference with a limited number of participants (max. 35). We will consider this mostly an invitation-only meeting. Current issues (concerning GPS and GLONASS) as well as issues related to new signals and further GNSS shall be discussed. This shall become a forum for the IGS Analysis Centers, specifically the IGS Bias and Calibration Working Group (BCWG), and representatives from relevant GNSS receiver manufacturers and RTCM/RINEX side.

It is our intention to open the newly created IGS-BCWG discussion forum to a broader focused group of experts with experience and strong interests (including the RTCM/RINEX community and key experts from GNSS receiver manufacturers). Therefore, we propose that all interested persons (particularly interested in the "Bias Workshop 2012") are invited to register in addition to

in order to follow the technical discussions (and further general announcements concerning the workshop).

Note that an RTCM SC-104 Meeting is scheduled for 16-17 January 2012 at the same location (University of Bern, Switzerland).